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Title: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Blake on August 03, 2005, 12:13:55 AM
Well,  it?s a few days late, but hopefully my excitement will make up for the delay  ;D

First of all, Saturday morning I have to run between dc and woodbridge 3 times to help move my parents into their new apartment, and unfortunately I left a few minutes later than I wanted (closer to 3 rather than 2.  It was about a 2 hours trip to Hagerstown from my parents apartment). I had wanted to get to the track around 4 so I could get good seats and check out the practices, but ended up getting there around 6 thanks to DC traffic.
    Now this was my first flattrack race in person (I watch it whenever I can catch it on tv) and what a difference in person!  Even my girlfriend was surprised.

Because we were a little late, the reserved seats were sold out (first place I?ve been to where the ?good? seats are at the top, furthest away from the action) but luckily we got some decent seats near the beginning of the first turn about midway up.

Now I?ll admit.  I forgot to look online before we left to see what Robbie and the Vision racer?s number would be. So for the first halfhour I swore I could see the engines and pick it out (big mistake), so I soon caved and bought a program.  That wasn?t too helpful, so during the qualifying?s I wasn?t 100% sure which was the vision, but had a couple in mind that had a distinctively different sound (more sporty, refined power sound, I?d say-not just the standard harley type)

One thing that did throw me off at first was the bikes under the supertrapp tent closer to the side I was sitting at.  I knew Jr?s bike was 33, and saw a 33 there, but under a closer inspection, it was 33A.  none the less, when Jr?s Memphis shades bike appeared I knew for sure it was him.

If no one has ever been to a flattrack race before, one thing that really suprised me was the qualifying. they start  on the infield, then doa  quick 180 onto the track. ???  was interesting to see.  whats up with that?  then the fun started.  the heats :)

Here was the first group to have a go:

and then another group

and then over the loud speaker i hear "next up..number 33" and ran down to the fence:

just let me say. standing at the fence for the start is amazing.  like a pack of 12 freight trains zooming by, and then when they're actually at full speed  ;D even better.

This is them going around the first turn on the 2nd lap

I was trying to get a shot of them coming through but they were going too damn fast!!!

Then i heard number 27!!!  unfortunately i couldnt make my way down in time (was blocked in bad, so i took pictures from my seat)
Robbie is the blue bike, in the back row, first one to the right of the sign in the fence
getting ready to go!(http://filebox.vt.edu/users/bstoddar/hagerstown/IMG_2870%20(Small).jpg)

Afterwards they opened up the track and pits and a lot of people piled in to watch the trophy presentation
as one guy next to me said "we're so close i could give him a "good game" like in baseball"...

needless to say, i wasnt too interested in the presentation so i trudged my way to get into the pits and made a B line to the back left side where i found THIS:

It was actually funny, i was having to stop myself from running over there, and as i came up, T-Dub said "Nice bike huh?"  and i responed with "oh yeah.  Great bike!"   This was said before the realization of who each other was.  After oogling over the bike for a good 30 seconds or so Robbie came up to me and commented on how i was marveling at it and then i asked "Is T-Dub around?" and Robbie said "OH..you must be one of those guys from that online thing...what is it called?"  haha..  so then T-Dub came over and it was quite obvious we were both very excited to finally meet! ;D

We talked about the bike and all its aspects for a good half hour (it seemed like) and he introduced me to Robbie,  all the while I'm in awe of this bike.  Pictures seriously do not do it justice.  It was like coming onto a movie set.  Lights on, the bike on its stand in all it's glory.   Here's some close ups of the bike:

Left side (I FINALLY was told about the chain drive conversion!  Man was i overthinking that conversion :) )

And then.. my dream come true.  after a few words and a few pictures T-Dub says "get on the bike!"  After checking to make sure its not some trap where a swat team will swarm in after i touch it, i get on.  and get my picture taken.  Note my excitement  ;D

Heres the rigt side of the bike.  The exhaust is quite a piece of work.  A LOT more room to work with than our stock frames, so quite a nice piece was made.

One amazing thing T-dub mentioned to me..  This bike is amazingly very STOCK.  oh yes.  stock coils of allthings.. stock ignition..and whats this..? ? ? ? ?
look closely at the front neck:
Yes my fellow visionaries..that is the STOCK TCI box!!!  Obviously a point that's holding back this incredible bike!

a few other pictures:

I think my new favorite number is 27 :)

Finally i had to ask if i could get a picture with T-dub and Robbie:

And of course..  a picture of JR's racer (I have to admit i was more preoccupied with the vision than JR's bike)

All in all it was a great evening.  I'd highly encourage anyone who gets a chance to go watch one of these events.  A great group of guys over there, and T-dub even inroduced me to Babe DeMay (hall of fame legend) who is the great creator of this project.  The frame is an amazing piece of work that he designed.  I can only imagine how it'd handle on the street.

OH.  one funny thing.  While T-Dub and I were talking about the vision, a couple of guys came up and remarked the same thing "Is THAT a vision?!!?  I had one of those"  and then a new zealander came up and was definately taken back by the bike.  we got a good laugh from it all.  that bike is DEFINATELY an attention getter.

I wish i could have stayed and talked all night about the bikes, but unfortunately, the significant other wanted to leave so i had to depart for the other 2 hours ride back home.

All in all, great weekend, great group of guys on that team, and an amazing piece of machinery.  Everyone should go see a race, and maybe T-dub will let you sit on the bike too :)

OH.. Also.  I have a few videos of the race.  I took them on pretty good (640x420) resolution so the longer ones are around 20 megs, but here is one of JR's start in his heat (Turn you're speakers UP!!!)  ;D  (its about 7 megs)


I also have one of Robbie in his heat. but its about 20 megs so if anyone wants to take a look at it, i can send it through some chat program (aim, yahoo, etc) if if everyone wants to wait a few days ill take down the pictures and put the video up)

Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Lucky on August 03, 2005, 12:47:29 AM
Blake, you grin any bigger on that bike & your ears'll touch in the back! :D
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Paul_Jungnitsch on August 03, 2005, 11:42:10 AM
Great job, thanks for the photos.

I remember one of the speculations at the time was why Yamaha didn't do more with the Vision engine. Make it chain drive, put it in a normal frame, drop the price. Make no mistake, I like the bike and all, but that engine is the heart of it.
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Superfly on August 03, 2005, 03:51:35 PM

Damn fine job on that bike.? Is it true that the Vision engine is heavier than the typical modern engine?? If so, how did you compensate for that extra weight?
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Jas on August 04, 2005, 12:43:24 AM
Blake,,,you did a  GREAT job on the pictures and comments. I enjoyed everyone of them....glad you enjoyed the races...and the bikes...
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Morpheus on August 04, 2005, 01:05:56 AM
Superfly........From a practical if not scientific standpoint, I can personally say that that engine weighs a ton. My buddy & I lifted my bike onto his truck last week to take down to the mall with a for sale sign, and neither one of us was prepared for how heavy the front end was. Either one of us could lift & scootch the back by ourselves, but the front was another story. Anybody know off the top of your head what the listed weight for the bike is?  I'll lay money you do to the tenth of an ounce Lucky!!  ;)
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: h2olawyer on August 04, 2005, 02:53:20 AM
OOH - OOH  Mr. Kotter - Mr. Kotter!

Listed weight with 1/2 tank of fuel: 462 lbs.

Weight Bias:? 45%f / 55%r

Check here:? www.ridersofvision.net/Technical/Road_Test/roadtest.html (http://www.ridersofvision.net/Technical/Road_Test/roadtest.html) @ bottom of first column.

Great pix & writeup, Blake.

Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Tdub on August 04, 2005, 11:55:18 AM
The minimum weight rule(after '05 season it will be NO minimum weight)for the GNC class is 314# w/o fuel. A good DT bike will have a weight bias very close to 49/51%.
As far as the Vision motor goes vs. the current Suzuki, Aprilia, Honda 1000s and the XR750...the Vision is definately lighter, especially when all the non essentials(counter-balancer/starter/stator/etc)are removed. Tdub
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Lucky on August 04, 2005, 04:59:14 PM
stock weight of the 82 with a full fuel load: 467 lbs
 83 with full tank: 485 lbs
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: JeffS77 on August 10, 2005, 03:35:20 PM
Hey T Dub i keep hearing rumors the AMA will be going to factory based 450's for the small tracks next season..somebody said just motors then i keep hearing they are gonna get rid of the framers to and get em all fatory (with mods of course) motor and factory frames..you know anything about this???
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: Tdub on August 10, 2005, 06:16:19 PM
450 for next year instead of 505. Any frame the way it stands now...
Title: Re: Vision Flattrack Racer at Hagerstown Review (lots of pictures)
Post by: RussD on August 11, 2005, 12:22:36 AM
H2O with the specs........thanx Horseshack!!     ;D    I knew it was heavy for it's size. My blackbird is an 1100 and only lists at 30 lbs more, even with all the body fairings & a 200 on the rear.

The Yamaha dealer was telling me last week that limited edition R1 only weighs in at 375 lbs!!   :o