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Title: Darn Garage door!
Post by: YellowJacket! on June 30, 2007, 01:28:40 PM
Vicki and I came home from eating out the other night and I pressed the garage door opener button and the door came up cockeyed about half way.  I let it back down and tried again without thinking about why it came up cockeyed and ..... crunch.  Got out of the car and straightened it out and let it down.  Went in the house and took a look at what was wrong and found that one of the torsion springs broke and while I was raising hte door with only one spring, the rollers got ripped off.  yeehaaa... another unexpected expense.
The door is about 18 years old and solid wood.  Its really showing its age and some of the lower panels are really swollen from absorbing water over the years.  Its also 16 feet wide and when it goes up, it sags down a lot in the middle of the garage.  So, rather than putting another bandaid on it, we decided to have it replaced. There went another $750.00 down the toilet.
The bad thing is that the V is pretty much jammed in the garage.  My son and I can open the door with a great deal of difficulty and prop it open with 2x4's but its just not practical to do that and be able to put Yellowjacket! back in the garage.  So, I'll be waiting until Friday next week for the door to be replaced before I can ride....although I'm going to go out today.

Title: Re: Darn Garage door!
Post by: kiawrench on June 30, 2007, 10:23:28 PM
hmm sounds like candidate for firewood ,and a trip to the builder suppy store for a new ,light weight, composite door( less than wood doors now )

 then, show wife full blown puppy dog face, whine a little, and then ask her for money to put gas in bumble vision to make a run on th edragon!
Title: Re: Darn Garage door!
Post by: Night Vision on June 30, 2007, 10:42:31 PM
....bumble vision..........

 :D :D :D

$750 for a new garage door is cheaper that they go for around here ... about $1250 for an insulated steel jobby with portholes installed...

I've had a torsion spring break and replaced for about a ben.... after that, the cable conveniently wrapped itself around the bar and the door got wacked out ... another ben....

just painted it today so it should be good for   ???
Title: Re: Darn Garage door!
Post by: YellowJacket! on June 30, 2007, 10:55:33 PM
$750 for steel "medium quality" insulated door without windows.  Includes all new tracks and hardware and installation as well as the $30.00 disposal fee for the old door.

We broke a torsion spring a couple years ago and it wreaked havoc in the garage.  I'm just glad it happened when a car was not in there as it spread out like a hand grenade.  You're right though.  We replaced both springs for a couple bens.  Since the new door comes with springs and all, I opted to replace the whole shebang.  I was going to have to do it sooner or later anyway.

Just to add insult to financial injury, my step son and I finished demolishing my sorry excuse for a sun room. (it was a runner up for a feature on DIY network...It was actually too much work to do and beyond the scope of that episode).  The room itself is very nice. I had built it under our deck but never could figure out a good way to keep the rain out.  I actually built a sloped roof under the planks but that lasted only 2 years.  We took it apart today and went out to price all the new lumber for the job.....and yes, I'm going to do it myself ...again.  ;D  Third times a charm.

Title: Re: Darn Garage door!
Post by: kiawrench on July 01, 2007, 02:53:02 PM
dave_ as long as you are going to dyi- buy a roll of rubber roof underlayment !
 over lap it from outside to in, the drop on a bit of roofing cement as you nail it down, will never have to redo that roofline again!

 we pulled entire roof off after hurricaine charley- added a second layer of 3/4 sheathing, put on rubber underlayment ,and then shingled it . cost me a bit more up front, but savings on my homeowner's  policy made up for it in two years!

  up north they call they same stuff "ice dam"  but around here it is simply another layer to help waterproof the roof !
Title: Re: Darn Garage door!
Post by: YellowJacket! on July 10, 2007, 10:24:52 AM
ahhhhhhh..... After almost 2 weeks of waiting, the new door is finally going up.  I can ride again!  ;D  ;D  ;D