Different Emulsion tubes

Started by Jimustanguitar, May 13, 2012, 01:50:18 AM

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Hey again,

I've got both carbs apart and noticed that I have 2 different emulsion tubes. (my bike is an 82 with the accelerator pump stop screw) The first time I took them apart, one of the tubes was completely missing so I posted on the forum and Musicweb was kind enough to send me a replacement. Now that I'm into them again, I have all of the parts next to each other and discovered that I have one of each style (one is full diameter and one has a taper at the bottom). Will this matter? If I need to get a replacement so that they match, which style should I look for?

Since people were in these carbs before me (people that were smart enough to remove parts and not put them back in) what other things should I be looking for that might be different between the two '82 versions and the factory update kit?

Thanks for the input, hope you're having a great weekend!


Back when i was still doing carb rebuilds someone sent me a set where they couldn't get the tube in. they had sent me the 'best' of 2 carbs & had the tubes mixed up. The full diameter ones may not fit into the tapered bowls, Vice-versa will fit & work fine. it's more importaint that they seal well at the top where the gasket is.

now, it's possable that you have 2 different carbs on one set. (one swaped out to try & cure a problem, for example) if that's the case, try the tubes in each carb. if they fit flush your good to go.

as far as update/non update, the big thing is that the updated front carb has the vacuume fittings for the disk filter & flapper. any other differences such as a stop screw on the accel pump is not critical.
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