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Re: cold weather and hand protectors
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 I have a BMW with heated grips and agree the guards are the most effective, but the heated grips do keep you're fingers warm.
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Re: cold weather and hand protectors
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milk jugs baby!

I know some guys down here that are gonna love that picture. You made my day!
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Re: cold weather and hand protectors
« Reply #22 on: January 09, 2013, 10:51:42 PM »
I got a pair of these:

Still breaking in, and not fully tested yet, but so far so good for commuting in the low 40's.   Not sure I would pay $80 for them, but OK at the sale price.

If you order them, go up a size.  I usually get a large, and needed XL for these.

2 hour ride in the 30's is asking too much from these gloves.  Brrrr
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Re: cold weather and hand protectors
« Reply #23 on: January 20, 2013, 10:19:17 AM »
 :laugh: Love the DR farkles... I guess he has a discount at the home improvement place, but not at a motorpickle shop. Necessity (and price point) are the mothers of invention.

Most "adventure" type bikes like in the beem pic come with hand guards std or as an option. They originally were roost and branch protection for dirt riders way back in the day. The tough part for putting them on the Vee bars is no threaded on bar end weights which is how the plastic ones, like on the Beem, Vstrom, etc mount. One can of course drill and tap the stock Vbars to provide an end mount point. The grips will need a little modding and a spacer as well for the throttle side to eliminate interference.

For a cheap and stowable solution, I bought these a couple of years back and they work great. They do have the name Scooter Logic in white on the top side and for the '83 with no handlebar mirrors they can be put on upside down for an all black look. I like that I can use them for cold Spring and Fall mornings and easily remove and stow them as the day warms up... repeat in reverse on the cool down. They're not water proof but work fine for light stuff and they keep off the worst of the wind.