Author Topic: The wife's away, time to play!  (Read 2243 times)


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The wife's away, time to play!
« on: November 09, 2014, 03:10:02 AM »
My beloved has been in London for the last couple of weeks visiting our new grandson.

I heard on the local news about an 83 year old retiree who was building a 1915 Bristol Scout (biplane) from scratch - (minus the engine at this stage). It was going to be on display in Cambridge, south of Auckland for the Armistice celebrations.This I have got to see.!  Armistace Day celebrates the signing of the armistace at 11.00 am on the 11/11/1918 at the end of the first world war in Europe. New Zealanders and Australians (the ANZACS) were heavily involved in fighting for "King and Country" in both Turkey and France.

Early morning I mounted up and headed down country about 200 km to Lake Karapiro, taking the back roads across the Hauraki Plains and passing close to Hobbiton (from Lord of the Rings) Surprisingly cold but a beautiful clear day. Ski fields in the South Island and the North Island had just had their best dump of snow all year the previous week but we were now officially well in to spring.

The events for the day were a blast. Lots of re-enactment groups doing their thing including trench warfare. Lots of noise and smoke plus maybe 100 WW2 vehicles including half tracks and amphibious craft, and motorbikles Plus fly-bys.  A lot of fun and lots of old dudes passionate about their own area of historical expertise. The biplane was beautiful. I hope I still have all my marbles at 83 to do such a project.

Late afternoon I headed back north via Highway 1B and Highway 1. Stopped off at the Champion Dragway at Meremere to stretch my legs, and was surprised at the interest that the XZ550 attracted. "As soon as I heard you I knew it was old Jap bike and then when I saw the skinny tyres I knew I was right" exclaimed a beer toting scrutineer relaxing at the end of the day. "Do you fancy putting it down the track?" I was sure it was the beer talking. "Another time perhaps?"

Off back in to Auckland and I am joined by all sorts of other bikes heading home after their day runs. Felt great. Tired but happy. 400kms and the XZ didn't miss a beat. But I must have killed hundreds of midges. My visor and gear was covered with them. The only injury I suffered was sunburn on my cheeks. I have never before been so sunburnt through my visor. Lesson learned.
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Re: The wife's away, time to play!
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2014, 11:08:38 AM »
That sounds like quite a fun time! You didn't happen to get any pics of the biplane did you? Looking through the itinerary it seems there were interesting activities and sights for all ages - a real family friendly event. Thanks for posting and I'm glad the bike performed well and you enjoyed some nice riding.
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