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New (to me) CBR1000R
« on: August 30, 2020, 04:20:43 AM »

    I came to the conclusion a couple of months ago that expecting my freshly restored XZ, 'Maxini' (VMax's little sister), to serve as a general purpose ride was not a good idea. Parts are too hard to get if something spits the dummy.
    Was about to go and check a 2019 GS500 with very minor damage when I thought to see what may have been in the 'too hard for today' basket at the local bike shops. Found a 2007 CBR1000R with a very minor coolant leak from the cyl. jacket. The shop let me pull the fairing off, grind back a previous repair and have a very good look at the leak. It's a small (2cm) hairline crack which is nearly invisible. So I bought the bike for a song and even got a helmet thrown-in so I could ride it the whole 1km home.
   The thing is in good condition and has been well taken care of. Also has some very expensive-looking suspension upgrades.

  Well, it didn't take more than two shakes of a dead lamb's tail to work out that the thing is probably no more practical as a general purpose bike than Maxini! Ha ha ha. So now I suppose I'll have to look for another bike to park next to the XZ and the CBR :-) :-) :-) :-) 

  The GS would have been a very practical bike but, with the CBR going for the same price (and saleable for twice that once I do a good fix on the leak), I got dazzled by the CBR. It's is a hell of a lot more bike and boogie for the same money!!!

  lolol My revised budget for a 'hack bike' might now get me a CT90 or similar! Ha Ha Ha
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