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Derek Dexheimer

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just bought 1982 Vision pt 2
« on: September 23, 2002, 02:49:22 PM »

I posted a little bit down the list of the Vision I found and bought. I'd like to thank Lucky and everybody else for leaving informative posts and help. I wanted to leave an update and ask a few other questions:

1. I did the YICS test that Lucky describes, as my idle hunts and isn't too smooth. The box leaks both internally and externally, and is also run through with cracks, so I don't think the cut/seal repair would work. How important is it to have this?

2. I had a little bit of coolant leak out of the weep hole at the front of the engine, and saw in the Haynes manual this indicates the water pump seal leaks. It only leaked a few drops after riding all day. How critical is this?

3. Can you still get parts from Yamaha for this bike? I'm not all that clear on that and haven't tried to look myself.

4. I've looked through all the electrical connectors (that I can easily get to) and all are perfectly clean. There is a little bit of blue powdery corrosion on one of the ignitor module terminals. I'll get some spray to seal these all.

5. I've never removed/cleaned/taken apart a carb before. I have the service manuals. Is this hard to do, or should I take it to a shop?

6. I guess the intake manifolds (the rubber cylinders going from the bottom of the carbs into the cylinders) have many small cracks. I think Lucky advised using a bicycle innertube to seal these. Can you get replacements?

The bike doesn't seem to have any other significant problems that don't seem related to the leaking YICS and a dirty carb. I'm waiting to use up the gas before I take the tank off and look at the carbs. Thanks for all the help.



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Re: just bought 1982 Vision pt 2
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2002, 03:28:47 PM »
I'll try and go over a couple of these and I'm sure someone else will want to add something as well.

Yics, while not totally necc. it can affect the idle and low end
drivability. block it off till you decide to maybe fix it.

water pump seeping, I've had this for about a year and haven't done it yet, although I've bought most of the parts
just haven't been motivated. you can probably get by for a while but I wouldn't plan any long trips until you do it.
the parts if I remember were not a lot of money from the dealer.

some parts are still available but it is getting tougher, I like to
try and scrounge for aftermarket ones if possible, many times
they are cheaper and sometimes the quality is better ( but not always.)

Carbs? if you've never done it and don't feel really comfortable
I'd have someone do it. Lucky would be the expert around here.

ok on the intake manifold thing, I did a little looking around
and some part number lookups and found that there is no
other bike that uses these things so you are somewhat
stuck on either going to the dealer or one of the online companies.

The part numbers for the 82 are:
11H-13586-01-00 (rh)
11H-13596-01-00 (lh)

part numbers for the 83 are
11H-13586-02-00 (rh)
11H-13596-02-00 (lh)

these guy's state that they have them on their website
you might give them a call, I know they aren't cheap
but still might be cheaper than a dealer.

These guy's also say that they have them:

good luck


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Re: just bought 1982 Vision pt 2
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2002, 01:28:39 PM »
HI Derek, former Visionary Guzzi john, took a sample of a carb mount he needed, to Dennis  Kirk. They found one in the snowmobile section. You will probable need to send a sample to one of thier technicial advisiors, who can research it . Anyone who dos this should report back on price and part number.
Rick G
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