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A Vision ride
« on: August 14, 2002, 09:40:15 PM »
A couple of weeks ago a friend and his friend, rode up from northern Calif. they spent the night and next day we went for a ride in the mountains east of us. it was a great ride , 150 miles of twisty mountain roads (up to 4500 feet)   I had the opportunity  to ride my friends SV650  Suzuki. it sits a little lower that the V, has much better brakes. it had somewhat more low end torque. you can feel the power pulses from the 90 deg. v twin. It has much less flywheel mass and I had a problem with applying throttle smoothely.  The stock seat is awful and the Corbin he had added ,I found to be no better , that and the high foot pegs gave me an uncomfortable riding position.  His comments about the Vision ?  It is smoother  than the SV650  and a great ride for cheap!  
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