started on my bobber

Started by arfa vmax, March 16, 2008, 07:17:18 PM

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arfa vmax

finaly started work on my xz bobber.removed most of what has to go,cut rear sub frame off,still need to cut centre stand mounting away but i will need to get the angle grinder on that.Exhaust has been welded up so i will have to rethink that because i was going to make a new end section that fitted the original downpipes.thought about spoked wheels so i could match up to the honda front end without any problems,but not sure now,think i will keep square head light .next job is tube work for single seat and battery,r/r and coolant tank.

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looking forward to see what you'll do about footpegs/brake pedal/kickstand...
they are all kinda dependent on each other.....
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arfa vmax

hi n/v  for foot rests i am going to make mountings that bolt where the original rests did and run under the sides of the engine then bolt through the unused casting at the front under the starter,i guess this is a mounting point for engine bars.i fancy running board style rests around the oil filter area and may try cable operating rear brake to make it easier.kick stand could mount on this aswell.its a similar set up as on viragos