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Changed my avatar
« on: March 22, 2008, 10:25:42 AM »
Well now that I will be buying Lucky #7 from the 'Tiger's Den' I thought I might as well post my profile with the new pic of the bike.  After I rider her a while I will repaint her a Hammertone Blue and probbably paint the frame semi gloss black and also some of the aluminum will be black as well, such as the pumpkin and possibly the motor too.  I'm looking to eliminate as much of the aluminum colour as possible and go with a blue/black theme.  Also I will then install one of the fairings that I aquired from SMokingJoe, thanks buddy, which will be painted the same blue.  If you are wondering about the hammertone finish just go to and you will see the machines that I build and THAT is th blue the bike will don.  But I will ride her as she is right now atleast for the rest of this year.

WooooHoooooo................ride 'em cowboy........... ;D
Keep it upright and she'll always be happy!

'82 Vision XZ550RJ with full fairing, shaved tail light housing and covered in blue hammertone enamel.