January 05
There have been more updates to the site, and I have several pages on the site that needed to be added to the index. Also in the works is the first of what I'm hoping will be a series of repair videos on DVD, specific to Visions. Included will be a data CD with tech info & Vision art. I'll post a seperate page for ordering info as thay are ready, and of course i'll keep you informed on the Forum. --Lucky

Dec 03 -- Jan 04
I have bought the XZ550 Domain name and am mirroring the Geocities site.
A huge thanks to RobTx for the server space!! --Lucky

November 03
A couple of changes, fixed the wiring page and updated some exhaust stuff. I'll be adding an "artwork" section just for lots of misc stuff that i've collected, pics from around the web, & Ebay, artwork submitted to the forum.  One other thing, there will be no more updates (or corrections) to the Vision Map.  I still get submisions once in a while, and i'm keeping a file of them, for some future use (a registry of owners perhaps?) But as far as the map goes, it's just too much of a pain in the ass to keep up.
Again, Happy holidays everyone!! --Lucky

September 03
Well I finally got access to my site again, I have Win XP installed on my primary PC & it doesn't like Geocities.  I've installed ME on one of my older machines, so i'll be updating the site soon. --Lucky

December 01
Happy holidays everyone!
It's been a long time since I updated this page, but the site has had lots of revisions (pun intended) and updates. There are over 40 pages of information here for you now. My surgerys were done and at this point i'm doing rehab, but all in all, i'm walking pretty well. --Lucky

We have had a super mild winter here so far, and I actually got a lot of fall riding done, and also took care of lots of items on the bike needing attention. --Lucky

Ron has moved his site to a dedicated server, and replaced the old forum.  Also, Thanks to Ron for the link. --Lucky

July 01 
I will soon be undergoing surgery on my feet that hopefully, will enable me to walk normaly again, so I will be spending a lot of time in front of the PC, working on the site. I have several additional pages in the works. --Lucky

Jan. 01
Well, I got a lot accomplished in a month, most notably the map pages, as of this date there are over 50 visions listed in 11 countries! Keep that info comming!  --Lucky

NOTICE: Those of you planning to go to Mid Ohio, PLEASE TAKE PICTUREs (or video) I will devote a special page just for this. be sure to mark down who's who.
UPDATE: NO-ONE sent me anything to post...

The first few pages of the site are starting to go up.  I became interested in Visions this spring, having found mine sitting in front of a house with a sign on the front "$100 obo"  I looked over the bike and it was obvious that it had been sitting a while, the registration had 9 year old stickers on it!  My wife looked at the guy and said "how about $50.?" he said ok.  (Is she great or what?)  Thats the short version of the story.

I decied to start this site in part from the inspiration of Ron Ghetti's site
Riders of Vision, and their incredible forum. In fact, once you visit them, you may never come back here, but I hope you do.  What I hope to accomplish here will be additional information, quick reference, and resources.  I'm sure there will be some redundency, but I would like to encapsulate some of the information found there and other places, to provide as complete a reference source as possable.

YOUR COMMENTS AND SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED. (but not about my spelling :)  well, ok, let me know if i misspelled something)

I have in the planning for this site: Qick referance pages for carbs, ignition, diagnostics, fairings and windshields, to name a few.  Also included will be a "replacement source page" that hopefully will include contact info with URL & email, prices and part numbers, so if your looking for that starter seal, and couldn't remember who had it or the dimentions, you will be able to get it here.

This whole project will take some time so be patient with me, and check back often.