Vision Art & Images
A collection of Vision stuff that should be saved for prosperity  (click any image for a larger view)
Copyright,Mike Fulton 1983, used with permission
Nice '82 by photographer Mike Fulton
A photo of the Vision Cut-away poster from X-Ray's collection
Euro Version of the Vision, Note the dual front disks
Pic of the box of the XZ400 Model produced by Jesen
'82 carb gasket
Luggage rack with adjustable backrest
Upper fairing frame parts
Vision artwork by Ron Ghetti
Vision Sticker Sheet by Tim Barnard.  He made the stickers on my V, he may have more. Email:
Left lower fairing bracket and oil fill tube
Measurements for making a valve shim tool from a 22mm wrench
Instruction sheet for the Vetter "Sting" 1/4 fairing
Primary gears.  Euro gears lower RPM
diagram of a homemade manometer
Daytona fork brace for the Vision
Windshields by Humber
Pictures of Lucky's 82 Vision, with 83 fairing, fuel system & Shoei hard bags