Flywheel and Starter clutch details

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This is the view of the flywheel you will see when you remove the left cover. Note the 3 starter clutch bolts & the 3 threaded puller holes. These bolts have had the modification done.
The Starter clutch is on the backside of the flywheel. If you look closely at this pic you will see that there are 6 threaded holes, and that 2 of the 3 bolts are installed. The red lines denote the clutch bolt holes, The Blue lines denote the puller holes, The yellow marks show that the puller holes On this rotor the puller holes are further from the center than the clutch holes. On this rotor the two sets of holes are different distances from the center, and the clutch holes will only line up with one set. On other rotors all 6 holes will fit the clutch.
This is just a view of how the stator (which is normally mounted in the cover) fits inside the rotor
 Here is the puller mounted in the rotor. Note the mushroomed end of the center screw from hitting it with a BIG hammer, there are flats on the side of the screw to tighten it with a wrench. Do not thread the 3 puller bolts in more than about 5/16 of an inch or you will damage the clutch. The copper piece in the center is just there to hold the puller tight for the pic.
 This is the end of the puller center screw that goes up against the crankshaft. the wide piece at the end is a 'foot' or 'swivel' that needed to be removed. It was actually resting on the rotor rather than the crankshaft. you may need to remove yours too.
This is the backside of the rotor with the starter clutch (partially) attached. This is what you will see once the rotor is off (minus the wires) Not shown in this pic is the starter gear that fits inside the center of the clutch. the rollers in the clutch ride on the gear hub. if you pull the gear off with the rotor, springs, rollers & caps will not go flying...