Fuel Tank Repair
More info about POR-15 is avalable at their website, I have no financial interest in this product, I just stole the info from their site. 



UTILITY & CYCLE FUEL TANK REPAIR KITS have been designed for the special needs of bikes and other small fuel tanks such as recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, outboards, generators, etc.  Order a UTILITY & CYCLE FUEL TANK REPAIR KIT today, and experience the quality and durability for yourself! MotorcycleFuel
* TANK CLEAN™ to remove gum, sludge, varnish
* TANK PREP™ to remove rust & prepare tank for sealer
* U.S. STANDARD TANK SEALER ™ creates a permanently sealed tank
* CLOTH PATCH for sealing large holes or reinforcing weak areas
* BRUSH for applying patching system to exterior of tank
* DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS to take you easily through each step of tank restoration

For those unfortunate customers who have had bad results from other inferior fuel tank sealers, we have developed these all new "HEAVY DUTY UTILITY & CYCLE TANK REPAIR KITS." They feature everything found in our regular UTILITY & CYCLE TANK REPAIR KIT, PLUS a quart bottle of our famous Tank Strip to first remove that inferior coating that failed you.