Wolf Exhausts

These are Pictures of the custom built exhausts made by Gary Wolf for the Vision in the mid Eighties.
These pics and text were provided by Tom M. who auctioned his system on Ebay.

"This exhaust was presented as a special group purchase to the Riders of Vision club in 1989. There were approximately 20 of these made for the club; I cannot verify if others were produced. From an article sent in the Vision club newsletter, Gary Wolf was a music major who used his understanding of pipe lengths and diameters to maximize benefits for a desired result. Hence, he utilized this understanding and applied it to exhaust systems and this exhaust pipe sounds incredible! I would consider this item a very desirable replacement solution for any stock system or other aftermarket system."

As of this posting (1/04) I am exploring the possibility of having Gary start making this exhaust again for the ROV. i'll keep you updated.

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