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'83 Accelerator pump nozzle came apart

Started by b727plumber, June 09, 2020, 12:46:51 PM

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Next issue:  When removing the Accelerator pump nozzle on my '83 carb, the nozzle came out of the brass plug.

Is this part available? (It doesn't appear on the carb schematic!)  If it's not available, is it repairable?  Should I just buy a used carb and take one from it?

Thanks (again!) for all of your help and wisdom!



fret not

Unless it broke you should be able to fit it back into place and solder it.
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Bruce Nielsen

I attempted to fix this tiny tube by soldering, but the tube is so tiny it acts as a capillary tube and sucks the solder too far into the copper tube and seals it completely.

My solution was to drill out the copper tube with a micro drill bit of the correct size to fit a very short section of non-surgical needle; which was a 23 gauge needle, into the drilled hole and bond it in with fuel tank sealer, since it has to be gas proof. My preliminary test shows this needle is well bonded, so I am pretty certain this will work long term.
I came up with the 23 gauge to come close to the size of the nozzle in second carb which was working fine. From what I read, both accelerator nozzles should be delivering equal amounts of fuel to both cylinders.
Bruce B. Nielsen
Hartford, WI, USA

fret not

My apology for not seeing this sooner.  First, it sounds like you used too much heat and too much solder.  All the solder needs to do is  just barely melt and flow, and that little tube can heat very quickly.  It is all too easy to overheat the parts.  It really helps to have a bit of experience with soldering so you can see how the solder melts and flows. 
Retired, on the downhill slide. . . . . . . . still feels like going uphill!